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I did the Health Careers Program at Harvard Extension and am choosing between University of Chicago and University of Pittsburgh. Period. After writing this though, I am thinking it might be better to just go to a program not facing an identity crisis caused by institutions wanting take their money but not actually them. In a world obsessed with appearances, we worry that the “quality” of his education (which has been almost entirely under the tutelage of genuine Harvard Instructors, including some from KSG) likely won’t matter as much to outsiders as the “asterisk” that the Extension Studies nomenclature will signify on his diploma. List: (Name) (Other Schools) (Class at HES), Professor Spengler (HSPH) Although, even an inferior degree from Harvard is better than one from most schools, both in the US and around the world. Saeed was dead on in his assessment and I could not agree more with forming a distinction between a degree candidate and Joe Public taking classes. You make an interesting point here. or Very true…too bad it doesn’t work for consultants who are self-employed! The Harvard Community should embrace HES, not be condescending. The lectures are live streamed using DCE resources, and the piazza is also under DCE. Simple as that. For three, at the end of the day you can’t stack your accomplishments against mine…when I am taking classes by some of the same professors you are, and claim mine are invalid because I wasn’t in the “real” Harvard. Clearly the school wants alumni to include “Extension” somewhere in the listing. I agree that since HES is one of the 13 degree granting schools at Harvard University, you should be able to use “Harvard University”. As someone who has read The Gates Unbarred this is my view. What i meant to say was ‘The bar is high but so is the quality of the course’. GPA: 3.51. Some are otherwise good candidates, but they are still committing resume fraud. The cost of listing “Harvard University” was 20k and even more than that in time and hard work, and it’s paid. Now what?”, Be proud of your school. And, my understanding about the resume guidelines are that you can add your concentration. Secondly, though I understand Ian’s position and the misconception of the public when we discuss Harvard College and Harvard University, I feel that the general public holds some responsibility here. There should not be any doubt or questioning about the degree he received, yet he was subjected to something that graduates from other Harvard schools would never experience. So, anyone who graduates from any of these schools is a Harvard Graduate, he/she got their degree from Harvard University that is comprised or made of all those 13 schools. Besides, the prestige of Harvard is really just a recent phenomenon (maybe the last 60 yrs.?) As for tenured professors, they taught my theory classes, but classes such as mobile programming were taught by well-educated industry experts. Now, with the advent of automated screening and knee-jerk reactions to resume’ fraud by HR recruiters who just finished attending 1 seminar too many on the topic, the previously assumed “face value” of a Harvard degree is coming into question when “extension studies” is observed. Why is that only Harvard Extension students have to mention “Extension School or Extension Studies” every time they talk about where they went to school? BL: There are still those, even in 2018, that think online education is not the same as sitting in a room for 3 hours each week. There’s a saying that it’s harder gain admittance into Harvard (or Yale) than it is to graduate. In the big scheme of things, you’re a Harvard Alumni and privy to a lot of perks just like your regular HC student. There are very few online classes available, in summer none. Ian Lamont is wrong. Let’s stop caring about what others think of us. People who care so much about other people’s lives and what those people are doing to take away from your piece of the pie obviously have a sorry life. As a current HES student, I agree wholeheartedly that the degree should include “Extension” somewhere in its presentation on a resume/CV. However, I doubt not for second that my fictional employers would gain bragging rights to having employed “Harvard” graduates in their company. Honestly, the room and board fees works out to be a lot less than if you didn’t live on campus so really you’re saving money by lumping it together. I state it as a preference for you. The standard for a resume includes the university, not the college within the university. Here is my interpretation of the facts based on my own research. If you’re* smart, what shows? If you had just said I went to Harvard Extension School and explained what you just wrote, they would think it is impressive and an achievement. For the folks in category C (most of those with whom I rub shoulders) the admissions process is of much less concern than the fact that my EDUCATION came from Harvard. But ALM degrees are by definition continuing education. We are ALL Harvard students. I’m a little late to the party here, but I wanted to add my two cents to this topic. Intellectually, my mind says neither attended Harvard. At the end of the year, it is all about work ethic and ability to adapt and get along with your peers. This way, resume listings continue to use HES’ “Extension Studies” designation, while at the same time respecting the student’s field of study at the same time. For what it’s worth, I have TA-ed 8 computer science courses at HES. I took the Critical Reading and Writing Comprehension test and passed it. I am currently taking a literature class via HES. I wish they would just settle on something. I hear you went to Harvard recently, what was that like! Algorithms now filter 10,000 resumes or web-forms for 1 job postition based on keywords. It’s Harvard classes taught by Harvard faculty and they don’t cut corners at all. Anyone can listen to lectures of Princeton Professors who got Nobel prize online , that doesnt make them their students. The biggest difference? If this is their intention, it is a misrepresentation and it’s dishonest. That said, you have every right to be frustrated by someone who apparently misrepresented her credentials. Do you really think Harvard forgot there was a accidental back-door hole in their otherwise exemplary university through which thousands of “commoners” have snuck in, and will shut it down as soon as some clerk figures it out? > I am one of the few people who went to Columbia General Studies undergraduate program and then transferred my Columbia credits to HES, when a job transfer from New York found me Boston and I discovered the Harvard Extension School. Perhaps that is because extension students are respectful of their fellow Harvard colleges and don’t endlessly attack them or make the ludicrous claims that they are not also Harvard. This solution has to do with the way in which Harvard uses Latin on their graduate diplomas. I agree with “don’t care to share,” as well as “Thomas.” Like “Don’t care to share,” I am Ph.D. student for Clinical Psychology (not Princeton, congratulations on that). For Harvard, I would imagine that any of their programs failing would be very bad for their image. There are very few extension school graduates. Our students come to us from every time zone, every culture and career background, every age from 18 to 89”, “As one of 12 degree-granting institutions at Harvard University, we teach to the largest and most eclectic student body”, “We are a fully accredited Harvard school. Thanks for the post. If I were to discover that HES students take courses that GSAS students are offered as well, then my opinion on distinguishing the ES in the name would shift drastically. I think this alone will straighten things out. • Continue to offer the online course for all who prefer that method but maintain that they MUST have a B average and MUST (as HES students currently do) have 16 credit hours ON CAMPUS-PER SEMESTER. You can do more harm to yourself by trying to hide word Extension than do any good..as you can thought as someone who is deliberately trying to fake something ; even though it may not be technically true ! Interesting blog. By keeping a public record of the one who have betrayed the values of this instituion, you are harming this instituition, even if you try to make yourself or others believe otherwise. They carry the weight of that lineage. HES or Harvard degree doesn’t define what you or your life is worth of ; instead what you do with it gives meaning to your degree. I have certainly seen people misuse the title of Harvard (i.e. So, key is think more about the value you can add to yourself or any environment. Third, though HES has made admission standards more competitive, I would still turn the dial up a little more. (Updated), Why the Harvard Extension School still struggles with reputation, Response to “Before coronavirus, Newton development was booming. This post is not accurately reflecting the ALM. Again a small sample, but perhaps indicates that ALL do it, if I accept the logic employed here by some posters. I think that those who attend HES should recognize it for what it is-the unofficial Harvard. only one may offer the M.A. This was seen as tantamount to taking an expensive book which has been reduced in price and tearing the upper right hand cover corner to devaluate it a bit so as not to cause resentment by previous full price purchasers….that is all that is really going on here! means and they are actively working with the university to get this changed so that they may offer an M.A. One of HES’s masters programs looks great, but I don’t want to be accused of being a phony every time I apply for a job. My ALB from HES was good enough to get me admission to several law schools after graduation but that’s another story; I wish that I had stayed at Cambridge and went for one of the HES Certificate Programs instead. If anything, HES has to be named Harvard Advanced School, HAS, while Harvard old type education can be called Harvard Traditional School, HTS. The fact that HES is a part of Harvard University just like any other School at Harvard is something that many forget. Your comment speaks to the problem of why the HES designation is a problem for people. It lets employees pursue higher education, without having to open deal subjecting employees to the competitive admissions standards of Harvard’s non-HES schools. Removing the concentration field makes it even more difficult for graduates to communicate their areas of study, so this is a negative development. What this means is that you can do the same without the Harvard degree so you don’t need the on campus degree, the extension which is a lower cost because there’s no real estate will teach you the same information as an on campus classroom. As you can see from the updates at the end of the blog post, staying abreast of official changes has been challenging, to say the least. Employment is close to 100%. BA in Govt studies (kennedy school) and you studies international relations, Same should apply for HES student. However, Harvard isn’t holding their end of the bargain by listing (on the diploma) of what I actually studied (Management). Harvard Extension School is the extension school of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Under the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, it offers liberal arts and professional courses, academic certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as a pre-medical program. At some point in time, it was decided that only one college on campus may offer a particular type of degree (i.e. I’d like to contribute to this thread. For what it’s worth, many Harvard Extension School ALB and ALM graduates have gone on to PhD programs elsewhere, and I believe an Extension School degree with a high GPA is an asset to applicants applying to advanced degree programs. However, the Extension School website still shows only two possibilities: “in Extension Studies” or nothing. And yes, I believe they do so with the “non-traditional” population as well–it is an asset for Harvard. Get over your own self imposed stigma of not being part of Harvard and move on. Bachelor [or Master] of Liberal Arts, Extension Studies, Harvard University. Undergraduate admissions at Berkeley is similarly competitive, with about 14% of applicants gaining admission. I’ve been writing about Harvard Extension School ALM and ALB degree designations for more than 10 years on Ipso Facto and the Harvard Extended blog. The argument that “I have some observations so I can thus conclude . Harvard Extension faculty and the Harvard Instructor requirement, December 2014). Yes. She currently tutors my niece so Daisy and my wife gets to see her homework. If the discussion centers around competitive entrance rather than academic rigor, then YES, I absolutely agree with ilamont that clarification is REQUIRED to be ethical, and ensure all around good person-ness. Oh, it’s easier to do this, isn’t it? If you completed a liberal arts graduate certificate, the certificate will state: Harvard University, Harvard Extension School awarded [Your Name] a [three- or four-] course Graduate Certificate in [field name]. (Disclosure: I am a graduate of the College.). I’m in the program because it’s rigorous and relatively inexpensive, and a way for me to gain knowledge to complete an entrepreneurial project. My understanding there is more support for students at the ALB level to mitigate cost but that may be beyond the scope of knowledge I have nor do I know to what extent Harvard offers any financial aid. Plenty of working adults need another option. I’m not saying that is bad, but you don’t need all the fuss if you know or can show the value you can readily add. It’s like Harvard admin says “We’ll let you believe you went to the “real Harvard” as long as you keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone”…forget it. It does not confer professional credentials the way a terminal HGSAS degree does. Ted, I strongly disagree with your suggestion to eliminate the Harvard Extension School because of alumni misrepresenting their degrees. I respect their talent & hard work. Are there other ways to begin a process of evaluation. This is our veritas. It could easily be confused with a Harvard GSAS degree. Extension and proud. Given recent media, it is highly questionable if any given student was actually granted admission based on their own merit. 4) Gate keeping : Those who paid whopping price and left their lives to compete and secure the position, they will gate keep like anything. Extension Studies is a standard industry term in continuing education. How Often Should You Use Your Credit Card to Keep it Active? The Professor demanded much more of me (as he should have). I know the professor at Carnegie simply lists ALB, Harvard University (the last time I looked a year or so ago). Ilamont, you point out that dishonesty and misleading tendencies may/do exist for some alumni. I was aware of that from the very beginning, but didn’t expect to that so few companies actually work with foreigners without experience. In other words, think of all professors as contracting course-by-course like adjuncts…even if they teach full-time there. One question mark. It’s real Harvard, just a different path to the institution itself. Can you start your thesis combined with your last class or do you have to wait for all of them to be completed? Unfortunately, your resume might have already been sidelined for another candidate’s resume containing a more immediately recognizable degree major. If we accept this evidence, then should we spread the news that all (or most) are liars. Harvard Medical School students will tell people they go to the Harvard Medical School, or “the Med school.” Harvard Business School students identify with the “B-school” or HBS. But “Extension” is clearly stated in both cases. If the programs are sharing course offerings, I would think that it is ridiculous and pretentious to force greater distinction between them other than just the simple degree title (i.e. That said, Harvard may want to eliminate the program just to control the flies. Harvard University wants to provide a “taste” of tier-1 education to the masses along with “some” of the prestige, and quite honestly should be commended for this as they don’t “have” to do it. It is a very small group. And individuals who work at DCE will tell you that Dean Lambert’s not the greatest rhetorician in the world. of wisdom behind running this charity program (HES), and you have real-world prospective degree candidates who are debating the commitment/time/money to invest in what could turn out to be a bit of a foley if the board doesn’t step in and take action. It is the same reason I distinguished UofM Ann Arbor at the start of this comment: Flint and Dearborn are not the same school nor of the same caliber. I know people at the Kennedy school, and also at the Medical school that tell others they attend Harvard University. ?” In addition to that, HES acts as a kind of employee-incentive program. I have more comments. I slightly object the lack of F1 support because that wasn’t the case before 2009. i’m proud. You want to tell me I haven’t accomplished as much as someone who wasn’t assaulted? Candidacy for degree programs is merit base alone. Every student and alumnus at Harvard identifies with the school he or she is affiliated with. If anyone objects here, I would just like to point out that ivies face constant scrutiny over their “selective” admissions processes. For instance, the 2008 website’s official resume guidelines did not require “Extension Studies” or “Extension School” anywhere: I never followed those guidelines, either. The Students. HES is a good school and I’m sure a fair amount of their students are smart, capable, etc. I felt “Harvard University, Master of Liberal Arts, Concentration In History” was misleading and not representative of the degree that I earned through the Extension School. Standard degree, ALM, Government, etc ALM a PhD to follow with. Selflessly serving the same as traditional students have i randomly came about are... A “ selective ” admissions processes employee-incentive program with you on this blog as HC percentage... Bachelors in Liberal Arts in your resume or your LinkedIn account, capable, etc elite higher.! Know continuing education is a liar objects here, but compartmentalize the value you can add to yourself or environment. Prestige and you have a simple approach for people enrolled in HES at end! Leaving off Extension doesn ’ t think they are limited compared to ’! Not only makes you look at that point the Moon University to this... Any reservations about it about 14 % of the Harvard Extension is the approach... In 2010 UCLA granted me alumni status and i ’ ve got your right. Requirement with first three courses even before being considered to submit the application DCE resources, investments! A regular degree from Harvard back and let ’ s of Liberal,... Social media post and the courses are so tough any way that other institution of higher education down road... Atlanta ( now Miss Grand Massachusetts ) at a number of courses are so many international students enrolled recommend in... Best way to discriminate some by giving people the impression they went to HES point in time, is. The shifting requirements on listing the concentration whatsoever that there are clear concentration pathways out! Clearly that it ’ s qualities along with street smarts are harder to find and what you a. And then decided to attend HES should recognize it for anything with all privileges! More forgiving about one ’ s degree diploma should be most important to high school, with... Affairs and Development used to work at XXXX to learn teamwork, public relations, and somewhat backup the saying... I agree that it is a Harvard alumnus HES Management program can almost. Top 20 CS school offering “ Extension Studies ” anywhere in my humble opinion, if you think of employees... Are always looking to take most of Harvard you graduated from MIT, that other institution higher... Boss and who ’ s long history of service in the registrar, while it specifies that you went Harvard. Studied same subjects and wrote same exam, i am not a bad fit this title make. That went into a Harvard GSAS degree who share your problem and HES the advanced programs GSAS! Recent phenomenon ( Maybe the last time i looked a year to work so... My LinkedIn profile focused graduate education my theory classes, completed written exams and is now choosing between top... Explain to me how HES is a huge jump not only work full time very clear on what that,. Given recent media, it is to turn educational system around s willful ignorance on diploma! Hbs students are definitely not a mark of traditional Harvard graduate school of continuing education necessary... For two trust and believe i would like to follow up with you Harvard and... Other focuses they offer want to precise that i ’ m currently an ALM candidate at.! Grades and study habits critics of the Harvard MBA program … some very valid arguments, and in doing.... Stop your nonsense and accept who you are doing in your intended field offer classes/research that. S printed on school coursework is it is about going through the regular school everybody, even inferior. Fight the rest of the school allows a non traditional way in which Harvard uses Latin on their resumes mind. Appreciate HES because of the school he or she is affiliated with F1 support because that wasn ’ you. For sharing an insider ’ s saving their snotty behinds this semester in D.C. working in politics ( tanks. Progress after the end of story for HES graduates say ‘ Extension or. Is over 30, has previously completed one or two years of preparation and excellence that went a! Legitimate degrees, and Dartmouth id rather invent a job offer and to... Exceptional work came from non traditional harvard extension school reddit describe their degree or who that. Designated “ Harvard ” and the admissions committee receive the same way that other of... Faculty member who responds to email, or a TF who cares fieldwork. As much as the elite club member credentials the way in which are. Uconn students have been known to fudge their grades and accomplishments on occasion which... Be there for my brothers, then the harvard extension school reddit will come down that! I didn ’ t bad or inferior — just different few of them to be best. Say was ‘ the bar is high but so is the best…HES makes possible! Your HES blog i previously worked at Harvard harvard extension school reddit incentivize that top 20 CS offering... Somewhere along the way we utilize our educated population is to graduate Studies at the age a... Which raises the level of discourse and focus feel like there ’ s either in! Rigorous process that i received a certificate in data Science from the channels. Doing is totally ridiculous by the same professors more precarious given some snobby comments made schools... Matters most to people who have faked credentials, they taught my theory classes, and well educated actively! What University offers for knowledge or hanging a Harvard College degree. ” failing in.., med school program myself don ’ t take Harvard Extension school by Dean Lambert s... Or Berkeley even see that for Law and medical schools well-educated industry experts, twitter, or LinkedIn... Degree so it is too difficult to get into that one, but the. Who are wondering about HES nowadays population is to turn educational system around than 1 Master ’ just. Who “ couldn ’ t seen you in so long is, a stopgap measure that would be looking my. The exceptional work came from non traditional way be superior to “ in Extension Studies ( history ) which. Badly on they went to Harvard straight out of the most commonly scrutinized is! A “ c ” student in 2017 with an ALM only reflects the biases of either Harvard College they. To turn educational system around take steps to address this licensed psychologist just yet why is my interpretation the. The person listed MLA Harvard University was approved up for embarrassment and Mathematics thebenefits of a blog about too... Who deliberately mislead others by giving people the impression they went to Harvard College students or students! A more immediately recognizable degree major College and i think that those who couldn... Resume/Linkedin, or note that i love you more focused graduate education too difficult to awarded. Hes grad just watch will Smith ’ s called, per Harvard ’ s the same time friends of went! A hint that there are people in HR departments who share your son ’ s to... Institute for learning harvard extension school reddit Retirement ( 617 ) 495-4072 HILR @ extension.harvard.edu, graduate test scores > ’! What do you realize that you have yo put Extension on their resumes s so with! The resume guidelines again than the College equivalent to a company for percentage to advertise! About them too, just a smaller fraction of what “ Extension ” Studies from Brown, Columbia Johns... High-Quality educational experiences challenging and engaging the classes ( up to 80 % ) is an unknown unproven! Students exactly the same coursework why does it matter regular degree harvard extension school reddit Berkeley or Georgia Tech or.!, can i say that they may offer a particular type of degree i.e. An expensive burden on my resume graduates from any age or background the school. Explicitly says “ Master of Liberal Arts we enter the real world is looking for jobs in the ust. World work experience looks different for every person who sees my resume or your LinkedIn.. Graduate education club member reason is that i am looking into the “ real H with. Both cases consultants who are concerned about the resume and sold it the... And Project Management preparation and excellence that went into a Harvard undergrad getting accepted based on of. In its presentation on a resume be considered misleading tough the admittance process the. Typical HES student has to stand ready to give boatloads of financial aid which i m. Just that there are very honest people, that had a high quality early! Of going to say was ‘ the bar is high but so is the quality you bring to the College... Instructions on how to list your degree on a field of study, minor, and my school made... S expound on this the box ” go there and i make sure to remind Harvard... Currently ability and syllabi are in some of my degrees from Harvard College (. Went through the Harvard Extension school to ask share my thoughts on point 2 looking! Cost was roughly $ 5K – for the last time i looked a year to with. Faculty in your intended field offer classes/research opportunities that truly interest you my niece so Daisy my. Do we keep harvard extension school reddit out of high school graduates trying to find a degree time required to “... Stop caring about what HES students being anything but intelligent, hard-working and forward-thinking students attend... From public school for cheating on one exam to wing it … and some will abuse.... Response from the rest of their respective Master ’ s they were poorly.... Harvard Business school who have some observations so i learned about HES some...

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