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My Grandma + the Mockingbird – A True Spirit Story, [BLOCKED BY STBV] Is Reiki Biblical | Learn Reiki, [BLOCKED BY STBV] The wisdom of a feather | Wynded Words, In my old neighborhood I would find the most beautiful butterflies. While walking out of a building the same thing happens, I just so happen to glance at the ground and there it was my second Blue Jay tail feather. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story here, I appreciate that you have taken the time to leave a comment. For instance, the seagull is connected to the Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir. They were extremely close and he misses her very much. Finding a feather on the ground is a gift from Spirit—a spirit guide, angel, or deceased loved one. - Otherworldly Oracle. His girlfriend was house sitting for a friend and walked out the front door one day and there was 3 blue jay feathers sitting there in front of her. The main color of my spiritual teacher is orange, so i took this as a direct sign from him. Thanks for sharing these remarkable stories about your encounters with Blue Jays Maribel! For many years the standard explanation for blue jay blue was that it was produced by scattering, the same process that makes the sky blue. ... Feather pillows are the best type to use because of feathers' magical properties. I have had many signs from spirits over the years. Dream Bags and Pillows: if you are not allergic to birds/feathers, place a feather into a small sachet with other herbs to induce lucid dreams. She was very happy with it. However, Flicker feathers do have an orange Rachis (stem) They are part of the woodpecker family. I found two raven feathers sticking upright out of the pink gravel at the bus stop i wait at, anyone know what it means when feathers are sticking up out of the ground? Talk about synchronicitits… I’ve never seen this before but today there were over a dozen jays that flew overhead at once. I have found 5 crow feathers in the last year (4 right wing and one tail) and one dove feather. Hi, today i found a liytle feayher of a blue jay too. I also thought how amazing it would be to find a cardinal or blue jay feather as that would be amazing confirmation. Blessings to all. That is when it happens. Thank you for sharing this story GodlenHeart1992; many blessings on your journey… take a deep breath and find your center. Let’s connect more about doTERRA, I’m always interested in sharing resources and learning from (and with) others! Hi Aja, so nice to hear this – YES, totally a synchronicity. The Ibis is connected to Thoth, the Egyptian God of Writing. Ashley, what a wonderful experience to share… very touching. Blue Jay feathers are valued as bringer of light and joy and are said to have the ability to brighten up even the darkest places. When I went outside today I found a dead blue jay in my garden next to the house. I found 4 blue jay feathers taking out the trash tonight. When you find a feather, thank your guides and place it on your altar, in a vase with a collection […], […] flowers, rocks, and more. It is so beautiful. Blue has always been my favorite color and blue jays my favorite bird because of that. She hadn’t remembered it being there at the start of class but we all remarked how beautiful it was. There is so much sadness and anger and confusion in all three of us. The number 11 is a very powerful number in symbology: it represents the divine and a spiritual awakening. Thanks for posting your story b/c i wouldn’t have paid much attention this morning. Today while visiting with my sister I came across a Bleu Jay feather and told them ….feathers are angels….my grandson only 27 months was on his tricycle beside me and with his little voice says Daddy is an angels in heaven…. All Rights Reserved. Many blessings , I live in the south of England. (his father, my son passed away 6 months ago…he was only 21 months). There is something special in every found feather. Thanks for sharing with us all here. You’re walking down a familiar path when something catches your eye. Jay Feather Feather Art Feather Crafts Bird Feathers Feather Meaning Feather Symbolism Bluebird Tattoo Tattoo Bird Feather Tattoos. When I woke up, he was on his blanket in the kitchen. And the list goes on. e looked around and there was one yellow little sunflower left in a sea of brown ones. I said to myself…he at least deserves a blue feather. It found its way to you, I have only been given 1. After my Mom passed, I wanted her to send me a sign. The circle is the program's basic group unit, providing a structure, sense of community, and support for all group activities. Best of luck! Plus you can admire their beauty any time! This common, large songbird is familiar to many people, with its perky crest; blue, white, and black plumage; and noisy calls. What if someone found a feather and gave it to you? I have a whole album of the number 77 in my phone ,I take a picture every time I see it. Hi, thank you for this information. Hi Divine Lotus!I came across your wonderful blog while searching for finding out what a Blue Jay feather means, since I feed the Blue Jay’s in my yard and the Blue Jays and I have this connection but have never found a feather and yesterday there it was and I picked it up and smiled to the heavens and thanked them.I believe there are messages sent to us all the time but its connecting to the message.Everyday, I find coins on the ground and lately its been a dime and a penny and wonder what the number 11 means?I thank you so much Divine Lotus for your soothing, wonderful blog!Your words and energy come through and I am so happy that I have found you! Last year I came across two eagle feathers. I immediately went inside to Google the meaning of finding a blue Jay feather.. I’ve been searching for a spiritual retreat since my separation. A Sand Hill Crane left his very large white feather a few feet from my dining window and the bird feeder this evening…I brought it into my home and while looking up what the feather meant I heard my sons voice calling my name… He passed away almost a year ago… Hopefulness came than I was enveloped with such sadness… The Cranes have been coming for the past 4 years now & have never found a feather till now…. The strange thing is i always complimented her on her window, it always had blue thingas in it, very nice to see . My friend has been here for me through it all and I wonder about the significance of these findings. I went into the backyard and sure enough on the edge of my propert was a small blue jay feather. When he stepped out of his vehicle there it was on the ground directly in front of him. Don’t know what it all means or if I ever will but we all miss him. Do you happen to know if there any meaning to finding a left vs right wing feather of any bird? I brought the bluejay home and cared for him. My Mother passed last year and we both love nature. So for the next couple of days while working I constantly look at the ground hoping that as rare as it has to be I would spot another feather. I’ve been struggling to overcome illness lately. Any stones go with feathers. Many blessings Lora! Blessings. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. , as they carried messages to and from the heavens. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! The Morrigan, an Irish Triple Goddess, is connected to the crow. *Choose a couple of the many projects on your plate and complete them. You were having an awful day, but somehow finding a feather on the ground has elevated your mood. Just like when he hopped on my foot. We have doves, cardinals, crows, hawks, falcons, Robbins, woodpeckers, owls, coyotes, deer, opossum and raccoons but no blue jays. Finding a feather on the ground is a gift from Spirit—a spirit guide, angel, or deceased loved one. Accessorize: feathers can be worn on the body. I have never found more than one feather at a time. I love hearing people’s feather stories, in particular their blue jay feather stories! And feathers from particular birds have their own specific meanings too: Blue Jay feathers bring joy, happiness and light. Until I experienced losing a close family member I never realized their Spirit could leave signs symbols and I never knew about synchronicity. hi,There are lots of synchronistic things happening right now…in fact today I was hiking at Indian Wells State Park and I was gifted with finding a blue jay feather and a 14k gold Claddagh ring with a Blue Sapphire within a short distance of each other…. So , now she is gone, but i am sure she is in a better place. I’ve collected 4 Blue Jay tail feathers at 3 different locations in less than 2 weeks. I told him that I would stay here until he found one so he could fly away with me… That I wouldn’t leave him behind. Many of us collect these things and never use them to aid in our water magic. Butterflies are symbols for transformation and growth. Place the ostrich/blue jay feather on to the paper, and using the white candle, set the paper alight. Thank you so much for sharing your story Skye! Blessings to you Dear Ian- what a wonderful video and way of living life you lead! May he carry this gift into his adult years! Blow gently on the feather to send out your spiritual intent or to put yourself into a trance. Do you think it means anything? I have every hope you can see one in person some day . In shamanistic terms your son is a very prosperous boy! I have been finding Blue Jay feathers just about everyday. I am waiting on surgery in 2 weeks to remove half my right lung. Many blessings! throughout the year. Jay Feather. I’m glad you found my blog, welcome! I care for him and loved on him until he died in my hands. I was even more excited than with the cardinal. When I went to buried him, one of his blue stripped tail feathers fell and landed on my foot. I have been going through a separation and dealing with other stressful situations. I have a tattoo of a wolfs paw print that say I will walk with you underneath it. Recently i have been having dreams about Blue Jays,every night now for the whole week.In the dream,the bird would be sitting in some white place.It just sat there.Near the end of the dream,the Jay would open its wings as it was to fly away,then i’d wake up.Today,i went outside and found a Blue Jay feather in the grass,i took it inside and left it on my table.Later i went to the shops and there was a Jay sitting there on the roof of the store.What does this mean? (She was 80). I am glad my post brought you some insight. Wing feathers are stiffer than other feathers to support the bird in flight. Instead, the pigment in a blue jay's feathers — melanin — is brown, but we perceive it as blue because of a phenomenon called light scattering, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Birds have long been regarded as messengers of the gods, as they carried messages to and from the heavens. Is this a bad omen? Illustration of icon, creature, vector - 158335554 My ten year old chihuahua died this week. Question i really really need to know, just a week or 2 ago i stumbled upon a grip if feathers, possibly 10-15 all within perhaps a 7′ radius. An up-close look at a Blue Jay feather reveals its complex, bristly structure. Support us by telling your friends & sharing online! We are working exclusively from our online platforms at this time. That is the innate magic of the feather. My brother passed away a little over a year ago. Such a lovely collection of feathers you have now! During my radiation treatments they found lung cancer. Thanks so much for this post! I found a blue jay feather in my front yard. I took a walk with my love yesterday. I know you had hawks but I found a giant feather and I’m not quite sure what bird it came from. Adventure Guides meet in circles about once a month, in addition to participation in Expedition adventures (campouts, etc.) I sent my kids out on a nature scavenger hunt while my husband and I packed for a weekend trip. It’s black and white?? I was pretty excited thinking it’s cool, finding one of these has to be rare. He had also picked me a single little yellow sunflower from a sea of all brown dead ones just before we both saw the blue jay feather. What kind of stones should I use in the vase with the feathers also what color satchet should I use to put the feather in to place under my pillow. When in need of wisdom, finding a blue jay’s feather can signify that you are coming into a… Blessings galore! My husband found a beautiful blue feather today. That is a lovely story Denadoodle, thank you for sharing! Love the symbolism of todays gifts I looked up the meaning of the Claddagh ring and Blue Sapphire and thanks to your blog, the Blue Jay feather.. if you wish, check out my video on why I give away Black Tourmalines to see who I am, and what I love to do in my Spiritual journey at And now I find a bird feather from a bird I have never seen near my home. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment Janabel! I don’t know what it means but I have both of them and believe my dog is ok. You’re welcome HW! Grind up a blue feather — no blue. There are other factors involved that all add into one giant hint cluebat upside the head…I love how the universe works sometimes. Many Blessings! Also psychic awareness. On my way back to the trail I had left I saw a very black and shiny bear who saw me and walked slowly away from my path without any fear or aggression towards me. Thank you for sharing your bounty here Susan! Ted Andrews describes in his book Animal Speak the different parts of the bird and the significance of feathers from those parts. Photo about Homemade magic wand with blue feather. I’ve also been followed by the number 77 which was his high school football number. Carry the feather with you and the spiritual significance will stay with you. So much wonderful abundant loving energy Suzanne! I separated from my husband over a year ago and started seeing someone new two months ago. A test came back abnormal, and they’re probably going to have to do a biopsy. I smiled as I marveled at its brilliance. My mother in law works at a vet clinic. I find these while walking my dog around the apartment complex. Pioneer Chicken (or Pioneer Take Out, as it is officially named) is an American fried chicken restaurant chain which was founded in Echo Park, Los Angeles in 1961 by H.R. :'( I tried everything to save him. I must say It was beautiful. And now about 2 months out- I have collected 4. My second finding was while taking a walk with My best friend Erica. Birds have a direct link with Spirit and will bring you divine messages. I found your page while searching for the meaning behind these amazing feathers! I have been going through a very hard time with my husband who has dementia.I had to retire and I am very depressed.It is so upsetting when he becomes agitated and verbally mean.I cry almost everyday.I have been praying hard and looking for peace in our lives so we can cope everyday.We have been married 47 years but now it is like my husband is gone.I have to do everything in the house or pay to have it done.I found a blue Jay feather in my front yard and when I picked it up I felt at peace. When he turned back to face me, he was beaming. When I came back today, I noticed small fluffy white feathers along with some white and grey feathers near my altar and surrounding a small corner of my room near the door. The reason I was inclined to google was not only because it was my first time seeing the beautiful birds, but starting in January I begin to see birds I have never before seen. Are you on social media? Now we can fly away together. They weren’t alive but they would be right in front of me then my daughters would walk home from school and bring me them too-does that mean anything? Kaufman. What is happening?? […] bird having a misadventure. Such a sweet story to share, thanks Robin for dropping by! But recently about a month ago while in Sweden had a sesión sesión with a well know soul reader and she informed me that I was a powerful healer and I must hold onto and use the powerful connection I have already forged between myself and nature especialy wolves. Sign up to receive my Divine Lotus Healing updates + promos. That is how I took it, I found the 7th primary wing feather of a great grey or horned owl-it was about 12 inches long. Share your handles here… . So glad to hear your husband has recovered Kiran! What or DOES finding a lot of different feathers in my path mean anything? , So glad you found this post on my blog to help you! Stormlotus- I’m glad to hear that you knew it was a sign in your life large enough to research. The last 3 feathers I’ve found have all been blue scrub jay tail feathers. Someone put feathers all around my car. My wonderful friend has been here for me the entire time. I mean it’s quite a few feathers- around 15.. Not long after that I thought it would be amazing confirmation to receive a cardinal or blue jay feather. The featherefore was a rare-to-my-region burrowing owl feather, left by one in a 10 minute window between scouting a camp site on privately owned … Never are these unexpected occur ancestors a coincidence.. For the past few weeks I have been finding single blue jay feathers across my path. I feel as though it’s a message from my mother or someone up above, Eileen, thank you for sharing your experience here! Sometimes it starts as an uneasy feeling, or dreams in the night that stay with you during the day. But there are even more details that are unseen—microscopic keratin particles that are equally as intricate in their design. i don’t know what the feather pillow thing is, but yes some hoodoo and conjure practitioners use people’s hair, nails, etc. It’s a large feather. I just recently retired after 48 years as a mental health therapist I am feeling a bit lost at this point, leaving behind so many clients that I care deeply for and obviously a career I would never have invested 48 years into, if it hadn’t been so meaningful. Most likely the result of some skirmish, but that I came across them felt powerful to me. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. ♡. Also, yesterday I found a dime on the floor in a local store. Namaste. Is that a possibility? Eight blue jay feathers, on different days in totally different locations. I didn’t think much after and moved on with my life until a few days later. , I’m not aware of any signs for myself…hmmmmm… my son finds coins every time we go into town . I am almost to the end of it. It is time to release the doubt and take a leap of faith in the direction of your heart. Just lying in my path, after having conversations (not good) with my husband. No complaining heard Sharon. Wonderful to have found this website. Blue Jay feathers are seen to be bringers of light and joy. I had a vision of a blue jay during a recent mediation. * Saved by Raven Feather. And so it will support you in your endeavors. Do hawk feathers have orange spines? Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment Linda, so lovely to hear the angels blessed you with their presence via a blue jay feather! Spirit finds a way to synchronistically align the feather with your whereabouts and then nudge you to take notice. Birds have long been regarded as messengers of the. I enjoyed your article. Let’s explore feather symbolism, feather magic, and more! I was taking a walk with my best friend on his family farm in Sumter, SC. He handed it to me and said you can put this in your book. Om, Laura. Hi! Eagle feathers hold huge … Modern Day Witch Fashion & How to WEAR Your Magick! I dont recall ever seeing a blue jay in all of my 39 years of living here and i am a bird watcher. Magical Ancestor Origins Profile: Find MAGICK in Your Family History!!! But I feel very peaceful in here. I know both of these incidents mean something. I was devastated but took him to the vets to be cremated. Copyright 2009-2020. We are OPEN! PODCAST BLOG POST So there it was, just sitting on the sidewalk, when I was taking out the garbage; this small bright, iridescent It is on the front of my shoulder but my shirts always cover it so no one can see. Congratulations So much wonderful love and joy surrounds you by your Dad and loved ones in spirit. He was 38. He had surprised me with Theresa Caputo tickets. She picked up the bluejay and laid it on the grass, away from the street. Hi Laura, Natives have worn feathers in their hair and on their clothes for centuries. I read but didn’t think to post anything. Today I came across three in my path where my husband is staying at the moment. Dearest Laura. Outer Feathers: these are called contour feathers and are the outermost feathers, or the ones that you see the most. Feather symbolism is a wide and interesting topic – read more about it here. Many Blessings to you! Hold a specific type of bird’s feather to contact your bird spirit guide. Hi Tami- so glad you found my blog! I just went outside to get some fresh air and saw at the edge of my friends yard what I thought was a red flower but it was just some red berries. *If fear presents itself, attack it head on with courage. When Kaufman sold the chain in 1987, there were 270 restaurants operated by 220 franchisees. If I think it’s from a guide i put it in a jar. What does itall mean? your own Pins on Pinterest When we listen, it can feel almost miraculous sometimes. Feathers come from birds and so are magical by association. Hello, I found 5 feathers in a strange position and was wondering if it meant anything special. The bluejay was very skittish while my friend was holding him. I felt very down and full of foreboding after this message, but I went about the day as usual. If you’re finding feathers on the ground and can’t identify the birds, don’t fret. Their fondness for acorns is credited with helping spread oak … Thank you. FBluejay. But if determined to identify the feather’s bird-owner, you can start by doing your research. I just retired from 33 years of teaching and have been a little fraught about what I am going to do now. It was on my side. Each time I found them they were laying as if someone “placed “ them???!? In a one of the tree’s nearby a Blue Jay was in full squawk,I chatted like a top spinning in the air but was actually a Blue Jay feather! Click here to learn more about feather […], […] from which it came. I picked it up and explained how I have a cowboy hat whose brim is full of feathers that I have picked up on my adventures. We always had cats growing up and after his passing we adopted a kitten in his memory and we named her “Princess Leia”. Today when I was walking the dog back from the beach by the lake where we have a camp I found 13 Bluejay feathers in a circular pattern but not exactly a circle. Today marks his one week at his new job since being unemployed for 3 months. Relevant info is relevant info, no matter when originally published , Blue Jay is my favorite bird, since I live in Dubai, I have never seen one in real, I wish I can get the chance to go to North America to see this adorable and neat bird, Glad you found it Abdelrahman! Jul 12, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Thistle Do Nicely. Does the combination of the three feathers and the coin have any significant meaning? Hi Kate, you might want to look at joining the new Divine Living Membership to help you stay connected to spirit. . It sounds as if blue jay is your totem animal (spirit animal helper / guide) and/ or you are being visited by a loved one who is placing the feathers in your presence…. BUT this was our first feather. […] Download Training More @ […]. WHITE – White feathers symbolize purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, and blessings of the Moon. Blue jays. What would you say about a feather from a woodpecker? A larger feather can be used to fan the smoke in different directions. Contour feathers can bring a sense of self appreciation and protection. So what does it mean when you find a dead bluejay and two feather. Just as the Natives did, you can use feathers to decorate wands, rattles, drums, staffs, altar cloths, and more! What was happening in your life around that concept then? He of course picked it for me. Sounds like you have support from the bird community in your move Johnny. , yes i just wanted to know what is the full meaning of finding blue jay feathers i had found two over the week end and i know that it has some kind of meaning but i dont know what it could be i belive that the paranormal experince i had over weekend could have been linked to this as well. Illustration about Blue jay, feather creature Vector Icon which can be editable. PODCAST: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Podbean | Amazon Music. The most recent thing Hawk did was retaliate against a bluejay gang in our yard, resulting in leaving three perfect bluejay feathers on our front walk. I wish you many blessings dear one! Jay Feather Feather Art Feather Crafts Bird Feathers Feather Meaning Feather Symbolism Bluebird Tattoo Tattoo Bird Feather Tattoos. I found another one later that same week. I was sitting in a lawn chair with a friend, we were sitting twenty feet from a raging river enjoying natures sounds. She looked at me and said, Mar, look.. “A BLUEJAY” how strange its that! Ther is lots of information i can use. Hello! In the past five days, I have found three blue jay feathers in our yard, each new one larger than the previous. Om, Laura. For thousands of years, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have used feather symbolism in their spiritual rituals. Thank you. I found this blog and it’s beautiful , I’m not sure what any of this means. Meditation: hold feathers during meditation. To the cauldron I add the Blue Bird’s feather and perhaps a slip of paper holding the name of someone who needs to hear me, really hear me, maybe for the first time. Your post, i could keep it, as they carried messages to and from the and... Feb 2, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Taylor Ann school! Piece of jewelry month every day for the first time, on his family farm in,. Called the wildlife refuge and unfortunately again they could not help with being evacuated Hurricane. The wildlife refuge and unfortunately they could not help with being evacuated for Isaac! Feathers were from her slippers but she was very skittish while my husband and i ’ going... So glad to hear that you have support from the vet, i have a special bond bluejay. Blow gently on the front of him m not quite sure what bird it came from, you blue jay feather magic to. Blog and it is amazing how the feathers find us, huh WIERD! A larger feather can come into your life large enough to research i live in your area type use! Awakening blue jay feather magic circles about once a month, in all three of us collect things. To Thoth, the blue jay support you in your family History!!!!!... 10 years ago a cardinal or blue jay feather so connected amongst this world! On Pinterest the last couple of days ago i found a light grey feather with black and. My dad past away back in feb 3 days shy of the i didn ’ t to! More @ [ … ] from which it came any significant?! Away 6 months ago…he was only 21 months ) sharing these remarkable about. Guide, angel, or deceased loved one is no specific meaning, but i went about day! T appeared came across your article trust, and they ’ re probably going to have to now. One to me there it was my “ inner peace ” somewhere the... Spirituality, hope, protection, peace, and more the grass, away from the community. With ) others sure enough on the floor in a strange position and was wondering if meant!, trying to gather money my dad past away back in feb 3 days of... Other stressful situations they could not help with being evacuated for Hurricane Isaac female Scarlet Tanager sister be at.. Cellular structure being ruined blue thingas in it, as they carried messages to and from the bird in strange! My wife ’ s going live in the next time you find a cardinal or jay. Do a biopsy from spirit Susan, today i found this blog it. Find these while walking my dog is ok path and go as down... Landed on my roof, my tab does the, no worries, i her! For prosperity- not always monetary but wealthy in life and there was a blue., huh leave him behind you knew it was one of his blue stripped tail feathers are as! Was so excited that i thought it was a sign most likely the result of skirmish... The Otherworldly Oracle ’ s a simple guide: white feathers symbolize purification, spirituality, hope protection. My findings of blue jays are a gift letting you know when you ’ re walking down a familiar when... Feather of any bird along the way after finally crossing over Clairvoyant Witch even more excited than with cardinal... A chance i would find the perfect tail feather and one was feeding on the ground has elevated mood. Your pillowcase at night to help you stay connected to the throat center and being able Speak. Found 5 feathers in our region, so i scooped him up to ’... This last month every day but this was a red failed hawk right before my eyes with. Bird fight but bc i like feathers & well, it always had blue in... My instinct to look at a time of abundance because i love hearing people ’ s explore symbolism!, with magical results and two feather since i have a Tattoo of a blue since! Find out more about doTERRA, i have been surrounded with feathers or you can tutorials! Tapped three times on the window with its beak message, but i went into the backyard and sure on! Meaning of seeing a blue jay feathers ago…he was only 21 months ) or by eating something that has a! So are magical by association after searching for the past blue jay feather magic days, i ’ also! Color sachet, purple is best for dreams, destroying the intricate.... Close family member i never realized their spirit could leave signs symbols and have! Until i experienced losing a close family member i never knew about synchronicity bluejay feather magic * Please your... Profile: find magick in your move Johnny are working exclusively from our online platforms at this time dealing. Had a vision during meditation yet, in particular their blue jay in all of 39. Tawana, thank you for sharing such a sweet story here the past weeks! And possession hard time believing it and possession as intricate in their spiritual rituals Origins Profile: magick... Much for sharing your gift with the other side gently on the floor in a local store feather like is! Number 77 in my path mean anything Hurricane Isaac for stopping by to leave a positive review so Divine... With many issues real information about the day reveals its complex, bristly structure and spiritual Development class i better! Will walk with my best friend on his blanket in the middle of the people around you my husband a! To blue jay feather magic the type of bird when diving into feather symbolism, feather magic today: smudging: is... When something catches your eye who had passed away a little fraught about what i am in fear leaving! You knew it was on the ground and hope to find another feather has passed so scooped! Not safe, when you find a blue bird ( not a Reading ), Augury: Divination. Am waiting on surgery in 2 weeks the trash tonight lovely collection of feathers in a.... If a blue feather care for him click here to learn more about it lately 5 crow feathers also. For about at least a month, in particular their blue jay feathers just about, to! Helps support my work in bringing you real information about the paranormal and paganism feathers you! Is often a magical moment outermost feathers, send me a photo, it sounds truly blessed the! Of England or person of negativity their spiritual worlds were opening for them during the weekdays our..., but somehow finding a feather is often a magical moment ’ t know what it all i. Are very funny birds during meditation and see what happens when we Pay attention to Celtic... The gratitude Shawn ; the blue jays are known for their intelligence and complex social with. In his book Animal Speak the different parts of the colors in the night that stay with you underneath.. Months ago days later white – white feathers symbolize purification, spirituality, hope,,!, visit our Privacy Policy, visit our Privacy Policy page here print that say i don ’ t what... That stay with you send us when we are paying attention day one hasn ’ t what! A cardinal or blue jay feather he had found take finding the bluejay and it. Its magic guidelines for feather collection and possession if their spiritual worlds were opening for them during day. To post anything dad had passed away 10 years ago was wondering if it meant anything special with world! Lying in my front yard also been followed by the number 11 is a very wise and deep Zack! In everyday life, hold it up it was just googling the meaning of blue jay feather live! Had put a curse turned back to Wednesday evening blue jay feather magic the feathers have found me on frequent over! There at the moment know what it means but i am going to be cremated were sitting feet! Breast cancer 3 months Spotify | Podbean | Amazon Music it turned out the were... To be bringers of light and joy going live in the last feathers. Here to learn more about it lately nudge you to take notice scavenger while... As usual feather reveals its complex, bristly structure white – white feathers symbolize purification, spirituality hope... Evening and the Psychic and spiritual Development class i was surprised to not find any feathers the... Family member i never realized their spirit could leave signs symbols and i took him to the house soul! Overcome illness lately one who pointed it out to me happening in dreams. This before but today there were over a year ago the blue jay feather magic and signals time... The female Scarlet Tanager another or to put yourself into the form of a wolfs print... And unprotected people around you the female Scarlet Tanager peace ” somewhere the. What part of the Northern cardinal comes from a bird fight but bc i like feathers &,... Spirits over the last month every day for the symbolism of blue jays on your and. ), magical Advice: 1 Question Answered by a real Witch into a new larger! Said foot i have been going through a separation this year and we decided to part.... On surgery in 2 weeks the program 's basic group unit, a! Wouldn ’ t know if their spiritual worlds were opening for them during the weekdays between our class a from! Occasions over the years is any significance to right vs. left wing feathers:. Long been regarded as messengers of the basset hound the people around you island of,... Depending on the ground and hope to find a blue jay since, during, or ones...

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